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UNIT 1 OBJECTIVES Hello, my name is Trishia and I´ll lead your way along this course. In this unit we are going to learn how to describe people´s personality and appearance, link sentences by using the correct relative word and make deductions.

UNIT 2 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to talk about probability and possibility, to hypothesize about the past, present and future, and to use vocabulary related to animals.

UNIT 3 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to listen to people talking about their place. We are also going to learn how to use modals of obligation and advice, in the present and the past and how to use have/get something done. We are going to learn vocabulary related to the different types of housing, the different rooms in a house, the different types of housework and phrasal verbs related to personal relations.

UNIT 4 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to use infinitives with or without to and?ing forms and to decide whether certain verbs are followed by infinitive or ?ing or both. We are also going to use words, set phrases and idioms related to money and to talk about money matters.

UNIT 5 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to learn some structures to emphasize some parts of the speech and we are also going to learn vocabulary related to crime.

UNIT 6 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to talk about the past and about travelling, extreme sports and other leisure activities.

UNIT 7 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to listen to people giving their opinion on TV and learn vocabulary related to TV: people, TV programmes and a TV guide. Grammar-wise, we are going to learn words and phrases to express contrast and impersonal passive structures.

UNIT 8 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to learn vocabulary related to parts of the body, health and illness. Also, we are going to report statements, questions and commands.

UNIT 9 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to learn to express wishes and regrets, talk about preferences with would rather and would sooner, give advice using had better and describe feelings.

UNIT 10 OBJECTIVES In this unit we are going to use the Future Perfect and the Future Continuous, compounds with ?ever, and the definite article when generalising.

UNIT 1 NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER VOCABULARY Describing people: personality and appearance. Compound adjectives GRAMMAR Defi ning and non-defi ning relative clauses. Modals for deduction (past and present) WRITING An informal email PRONUNCIATION Compound adjectives  

UNIT 2 DOWN-TO-EARTH VOCABULARY Animal idioms. Animal collocations: animal sounds GRAMMAR Modals and expressions of probability. Conditionals. Alternatives to IF WRITING An article PRONUNCIATION Contractions. Linking  

UNIT 3 HOME SWEET HOME VOCABULARY Types of housing. Places in the home. Housework. Phrasal verbs connected to people relationsGRAMMAR Modals of obligation/absence of obligation/prohibition/advice. Have/Get something done WRITING A report PRONUNCIATION Consonant clusters  

UNIT 4 A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS VOCABULARY Money. Jobs GRAMMAR Infi nitive versus ?ing. Participle clauses WRITING A covering letter PRONUNCIATION Stress shift  

UNIT 5 CAUGHT RED-HANDED VOCABULARY Crime. Criminals GRAMMAR Emphasis (do, so and indeed). Cleft sentences. Inversions WRITING An opinion composition PRONUNCIATION How to sound emphatic  

UNIT 6 OUT AND ABOUT VOCABULARY Leisure activities: Travelling. Extreme sports GRAMMAR Used to, Would. Narrative tenses WRITING A blog post PRONUNCIATION-ED endings  

UNIT 7 TV OR NOT TV? VOCABULARY Headlines. Television (people, TV programmes and a TV guide) GRAMMAR Impersonal report structures. Contrast (despite, in spite of, although?) WRITING A ?for and against? composition PRONUNCIATION Contrastive intonation  

UNIT 8 AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY VOCABULARY Health and illness. Idioms related to the parts of the body. Food and Diet GRAMMAR Reported speech. Reporting statements, commands and questions. WRITING A complaint email/letter PRONUNCIATION Homographs. Homophones  

UNIT 9 NO REGRETS JUST LESSONS LEARNED VOCABULARY Feelings GRAMMAR I wish/If only. Would rather, would sooner, had better. It´s time WRITING A personal anecdote PRONUNCIATION /s/ - /z/ - /?/  

UNIT 10 FACEBOOK = LANGUAGE FACELIFT? VOCABULARY Compounds with ?ever. The Internet. Fast Writing GRAMMAR Future perfect and continuous. Use of the article for generalizing WRITING A review PRONUNCIATION Words pronounced diff erently in Spanish/English   LISTENING TRANSCRIPTS PER UNIT   EXERCISE KEY



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